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Utilisation de la méthodologie EBIOS en sécurité globale

  title={Utilisation de la m{\'e}thodologie EBIOS en s{\'e}curit{\'e} globale},
  author={Henri Hemery and Walter Akmouche and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Tatout},
Global security requires the institution and the use of simple and effective methods allowing to analyze and to misguide the risks within the complex systems whatever they are. It is not possible to handle all the risks, but it is necessary to determine them precisely. The EBIOS methodology developed to analyze the risks of Information Systems Security (SSI) presents characteristics, which confers it an interest wider than the only domain of the SSI. The different domains of stream management… 
Using EBIOS for risk management in critical information infrastructure
The objective of this paper is to address the challenges of protecting the business services of organizations using EBIOS and a concrete application will be detailed using E BIOS.
Improvement of information system security risk management
The aim of this paper is to highlight the contribution of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) in order to improve ISSRM and explore risk management methods and security modeling languages to understand why EAM would be benefic.
Survey on information system security risk management alignment
  • W. Abbass, A. Baina, M. Bellafkih
  • Computer Science
    2016 International Conference on Information Technology for Organizations Development (IT4OD)
  • 2016
A survey of the ISSRM alignment in comparison with the security modeling languages is outlined and the aim of this paper is first to assess the security oriented modeling languages through theISSRM domain model.
Systèmes véhiculaires à domaines de sécurité et de criticité multiples : une passerelle systronique temps réel
De nos jours, les vehicules integrent de plus en plus de systemes interconnectes. Ces systemes ont des fonctions aussi nombreuses que complexes et sont soumis a des contraintes de surete de