Utilisation d'un hétéroptèrePentatomidae Perillus bioculatus (Fabr.) dans la lutte contre le doryphoreLeptinotarsa decemlineata (Say): Premiers résultats obtenus en France

  title={Utilisation d'un h{\'e}t{\'e}ropt{\`e}rePentatomidae Perillus bioculatus (Fabr.) dans la lutte contre le doryphoreLeptinotarsa decemlineata (Say): Premiers r{\'e}sultats obtenus en France},
  author={J. Berre and G. Portier},
SummaryThe release ofPerillus bioculatus (Heteroptera Pentatomidae) during 3 consecutive years in potatoe fields highly infested with Doryphore has enabled obtaining accurate information on the following points:1.The conditions under which the releases must be made to obtain maximum efficacy on the natural population of Doryphore.2.The limits of the predatory action ofPerillus.3.The acclamitization possibilities of predatory in western France. After discussion of the results obtained, it seems… Expand
Populationsdynamische Wirkung vonPerillus bioculatus (Fabr.) [Het. pentatomidae] auf den Kartoffelkäfer
An experiment to test which population density of the predator could lead to economic success and show that even during a heavy infestation by the beetle, at a density of two adults per young potato plant, 2,6 L2–4 of P. bioculatus per plant would be sufficient to suppress the pest perfectly. Expand
The Introduction of Perillus bioculatus into Europe to Control the Colorado Beetle
The main results of studies carried out during the last two decades on the ecology, behaviour and cultural enemies of the predator as well as on its practical use are reviewed. Expand
In 1996, in order to study flora and vegetation the members of the science-expert expedition to the Prokletije Mt. - locality named Djeravica, collected  specimens of Perillus bioculatus (Fabricius,Expand
New and Interesting Records of Alien and Native True Bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from Bulgaria
New and interesting records of alien true bugs species in Bulgaria are reported and some their biological peculiarities, their potential threat to the native fauna and biodiversity in Bulgaria as a whole are briefly discussed. Expand
Technical feasibility of the mechanical release of predator insects to control the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say)
Investigation of the effectiveness of controlling the Colorado potato beetle through mechanical release of predator insects under real conditions in a potato field indicates that the mechanical release resulted in a better control of the CPB populations and egg masses than the manual release. Expand
Vingt‐cinq années de lutte et d'avertissements agricoles contre le doryphore de la pomme de terre dans le Département de la Manche (1950‐1975)
Face aux arriveees sur les plages des Iles Anglo-Normandes de doryphores de plus en plus abondantes en provenance du litteral francais, le Ministere francais de l'Agriculture decida de limiter une zone de protection dans le Departement de La Manche afin de les proteger de toute invasion. Expand


Beobachtungen Beim Züchten VonPerillus Bioculatus (Fabr.) (Heteropt., Pentatomidae), Einem Aus Nordamerika Importierten Räuber des Kartoffelkäfers
Die Methode beschrieben, die sich beim Import der Wanzeneier aus Amerika and bei deren Versand nach Polen and Ungarn 1959 bewährt hat, ist unter allen bisher bekannten Bedingungen sehr verlustreich. Expand
Aspects of Diapause in Adult Insects
Action des facteurs climatiques sur l 'incltation au vol du Doryphore
  • - - C. It. Acad. Sci., 231, 1096-1098.
  • 1950