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Uso del video y de la plataforma YouTube en el contexto educativo universitario

  title={Uso del video y de la plataforma YouTube en el contexto educativo universitario},
  author={Marilady Gonz{\'a}lez D{\'i}az and Silvia Diaz and Viviana Hern{\'a}ndez Bonilla},
The following investigation focus its interest, recognizing the technologies for the information and communication (TIC) in education, as transforming tools which makes possible the access to the information, the management of tools and concepts, the development of new methods of learning “more flexibles” giving, among others, advantages while developing educative processes in multiple forms. The purpose of this investigation consists in the analysis of the academic use of YouTube Platform… 
Ecuadorian educational youtubers A perspective from the educational vision
The present investigation manages to identify some of the educational youtubers in the Ecuadorian context, to know their perspectives and by means of observation techniques, content analysis and the management of the Social Blade platform the impact and forecasts regarding visualizations, subscriptions and videos of Each of its channels.
Meaningful Learning in English as a Foreign Language Classrooms: A culinary experience as Comprehensible Input
Foreign Language educators and researchers still refine meaningful instruction and engagement to motivate secondary education students. This research aims to enhance learning environments and analyze