Uso de aditivos em rações para suínos nas fases de creche, crescimento e terminação

  title={Uso de aditivos em raç{\~o}es para su{\'i}nos nas fases de creche, crescimento e terminaç{\~a}o},
  author={Otto Mack Junqueira and Lu{\'i}s Barbosa and Adriana Aparecida Pereira and L{\'u}cio Francelino Ara{\'u}jo and Manoel Garc{\'i}a Neto and Marinaldo Ferreira Pinto},
The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of adding antibiotics, probiotics, prebiotics, symbiotic and sodium gluconate for swine from 28 to 142 days of age, corresponding to the nursery, growing and finishing phases. One hundred and sixty-eight piglets were used weaned at 21 days in a randomized complete design in 42 pens with four male piglets in each experimental unit with six replications and seven treatments: control basal feed; basal feed + antibiotic; basal feed + probiotic… CONTINUE READING