Using websites to attract applicants: a signal-based model of online organizational attraction

  title={Using websites to attract applicants: a signal-based model of online organizational attraction},
  author={Xiao Xiang and Jiyao Chen and Yujian Ye},
  journal={Proceedings. 2005 IEEE International Engineering Management Conference, 2005.},
  • Xiao Xiang, Jiyao Chen, Y. Ye
  • Published 19 December 2005
  • Business
  • Proceedings. 2005 IEEE International Engineering Management Conference, 2005.
Most international companies utilize organizational websites as a key component of strategic human resource management for attracting applicants. This article reviews the existing literature to understand the factors influencing organizational attractiveness. Drawing from Signaling theory and Person-Organization fit, this article proposes that organizational social image, organizational work image, and organizational website image are signals from organization, called organizational signaling… 
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