Using web service enhancements to bridge business trust relationships


1. With the development of web technology and distributed systems, online collaborations are becoming more common and more demanding. These collaborations require online business trust relationships among collaborating organizations. Online business trust relationships can protect the trust, integrity, and privacy of shared resources, which are the foundation for online business. Web services provide standard mechanisms to enable online interactions and further online collaborations. Yet security, privacy and trust-related protection mechanisms for web services need additional development. In an interconnected network environment, bridging extant business relationships to extend the business circle is a convenient and tempting way. Physical connections with proper privacy and security protections are required for bridging two autonomous organizations. Likewise, collaborating organizations need proper protection mechanisms for bridging extant business trust relationships among cooperating parties. These protection mechanisms must therefore ensure privacy and owner control in the entire process of bridging business trust relationships due to the subjectivity of the relationships. This paper describes an indirect trust establishment mechanism using web service enhancements to bridge and build new online business trust relationships from extant business trust relationships providing privacy protection and owner control simultaneously.

DOI: 10.1145/1501434.1501477

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