Using theoretical ROC curves for analysing machine learning binary classifiers

  title={Using theoretical ROC curves for analysing machine learning binary classifiers},
  author={Luma Qassam Abedalqader Omar and Ioannis P. Ivrissimtzis},
  journal={Pattern Recognit. Lett.},
Most binary classifiers work by processing the input to produce a scalar response and comparing it to a threshold value. The various measures of classifier performance assume, explicitly or implicitly, probability distributions $P_s$ and $P_n$ of the response belonging to either class, probability distributions for the cost of each type of misclassification, and compute a performance score from the expected cost. In machine learning, classifier responses are obtained experimentally and… Expand
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Measuring classifier performance: a coherent alternative to the area under the ROC curve
  • D. Hand
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Machine Learning
  • 2009
A simple valid alternative to the AUC is proposed, and the property of it being fundamentally incoherent in terms of misclassification costs is explored in detail. Expand
When is the area under the receiver operating characteristic curve an appropriate measure of classifier performance?
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Using Dual Beta Distributions to Create “Proper” ROC Curves Based on Rating Category Data
  • D. Mossman, Hongying Peng
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • Medical decision making : an international journal of the Society for Medical Decision Making
  • 2016
Because it posits simple relationships among the decision axis, operating points, and model parameters, the DB model offers investigators a flexible, easy-to-grasp ROC form that is simpler to implement than other proper ROC models. Expand
Evaluating probabilistic forecasts with Bayesian signal detection models.
This work proposes the use of signal detection theory (SDT) to evaluate the performance of both probabilistic forecasting systems and individual forecasters and shows how this approach allows ROC curves and AUCs to be applied to individuals within a group of forecasters, estimated as a function of time, and extended to measure differences in forecastability across different domains. Expand
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