Using the fossil record to estimate the age of the last common ancestor of extant primates

  title={Using the fossil record to estimate the age of the last common ancestor of extant primates},
  author={S. Tavar{\'e} and Charles R. Marshall and O. Will and C. Soligo and R. Martin},
  • S. Tavaré, Charles R. Marshall, +2 authors R. Martin
  • Published 2002
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Nature
  • Divergence times estimated from molecular data often considerably predate the earliest known fossil representatives of the groups studied. For the order Primates, molecular data calibrated with various external fossil dates uniformly suggest a mid-Cretaceous divergence from other placental mammals, some 90 million years (Myr) ago, whereas the oldest known fossil primates are from the basal Eocene epoch (54–55 Myr ago). The common ancestor of primates should be earlier than the oldest known… CONTINUE READING
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