Using the Zebrafish Lateral Line to Screen for Ototoxicity

  title={Using the Zebrafish Lateral Line to Screen for Ototoxicity},
  author={Lynn L. Chiu and Lisa L Cunningham and David W. Raible and Edwin W. Rubel and Henry C. Ou},
  journal={Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology},
The zebrafish is a valuable model for studying hair cell development, structure, genetics, and behavior. Zebrafish and other aquatic vertebrates have hair cells on their body surface organized into a sensory system called the lateral line. These hair cells are highly accessible and easily visualized using fluorescent dyes. Morphological and functional similarities to mammalian hair cells of the inner ear make the zebrafish a powerful preparation for studying hair cell toxicity. The ototoxic… CONTINUE READING