Using the Web in Machine Learning for Other-Anaphora Resolution

  title={Using the Web in Machine Learning for Other-Anaphora Resolution},
  author={Natalia N. Modjeska and K. Markert and M. Nissim},
  • Natalia N. Modjeska, K. Markert, M. Nissim
  • Published in EMNLP 2003
  • Computer Science
  • We present a machine learning framework for resolving other-anaphora. Besides morpho-syntactic, recency, and semantic features based on existing lexical knowledge resources, our algorithm obtains additional semantic knowledge from the Web. We search the Web via lexico-syntactic patterns that are specific to other-anaphors. Incorporating this innovative feature leads to an 11.4 percentage point improvement in the classifier's F-measure (25% improvement relative to results without this feature). 
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