Using the International Patent Classification in an online environment

  title={Using the International Patent Classification in an online environment},
  author={Stephen R. Adams},
  journal={World Patent Information},
  • S. Adams
  • Published 1 December 2000
  • Computer Science
  • World Patent Information
A User-Centered Evaluation of a Web Based Patent Classification Tool
A user-centered study of a web based system that can automatically suggest classification codes with the aim to assist patent examiners on the task of patent classification shows that systems that allow searching at the level of subgroup are more effective for classification search.
Introduction to Patent Searching
This chapter introduces patent searching in a way that should be accessible and useful to both researchers in information retrieval and other areas of computer science and professionals seeking to
Multilayer source selection as a tool for supporting patent search and classification
A new multilayer collection selection method that effectively suggests classification codes exploiting the hierarchical classification schemes such as IPC/CPC, which outperforms state-of-art methods from the DIR domain not only in identifying relevant IPC codes but also in retrieving relevant patent documents given a patent query.
A Hierarchical Online Classifier for Patent Categorization
This paper presents a hierarchical online classifier, called HITEC, which meets the above requirements, and evaluates the presented method on two large English patent application databases, the WIPO-alpha and the Espace A/B corpora.
Automated categorization in the international patent classification
This work investigates how best to resolve the training problems related to the attribution of multiple classification codes to each patent document and reports the results of applying a variety of machine learning algorithms to the automated categorization of English-language patent documents.
A Methodology for Building a Patent Test Collection for Prior Art Search
A methodology for the construction of a patent test collection for the task of prior art search using an analysis of the nature and structure of patent documents and the patenting process to arrive at high quality, realistic, relevance assessments is proposed.
IPC Selection Using Collection Selection Algorithms
The results show that multilayer outperforms CORI and fusion-based methods in the task of IPC suggestion and aggregates multiple estimations of relevance to a single estimation.
Categorization and analysis of academic patents: Developing a framework to examine differences in technology, opportunity and commercializaton characteristics
There has been a significant rise in the number of patents originating from academic environments. However, current conceptualizations of academic patents provide a largely homogenous approach to
Computer-Assisted Categorization of Patent Documents in the International Patent Classification
It is found that reliable computer-assisted categorization at IPC subclass level is an achievable goal for the statistical methods employed here and a categorization system suggesting three IPC symbols for each document can predict the main IPC class correctly.