Using partial genomic fosmid libraries for sequencing complete organellar genomes.

  title={Using partial genomic fosmid libraries for sequencing complete organellar genomes.},
  author={Joel R. McNeal and James H Leebens-Mack and Kathiravetpillai Arumuganathan and Jennifer V. Kuehl and Jeffrey L. Boore and Claude W. dePamphilis},
  volume={41 1},
Organellar genome sequences provide numerous phylogenetic markers and yield insight into organellar function and molecular evolution. These genomes are much smaller in size than their nuclear counterparts; thus, their complete sequencing is much less expensive than total nuclear genome sequencing, making broader phylogenetic sampling feasible. However; for some organisms, it is challenging to isolate plastid DNA for sequencing using standard methods. To overcome these difficulties, we… CONTINUE READING

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