Using kilonovae as standard candles to measure the Hubble Constant

  title={Using kilonovae as standard candles to measure the Hubble Constant},
  author={M. Coughlin and T. Dietrich and J. Heinzel and N. Khetan and S. Antier and M. Bulla and N. Christensen and D. A. Coulter and R. Foley},
  • M. Coughlin, T. Dietrich, +6 authors R. Foley
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • The detection of GW170817 is revolutionizing many areas of astrophysics with the joint observation of gravitational waves and electromagnetic emissions. These multi-messenger events provide a new approach to determine the Hubble constant, thus, they are a promising candidate for mitigating the tension between measurements of Type Ia supernovae via the local distance ladder and the Cosmic Microwave Background. In addition to the "standard siren" provided by the gravitational-wave measurement… CONTINUE READING
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