Using contexts and R-R interval estimation in lossless ECG compression


The paper presents a new lossless ECG compression scheme. The short-term predictor and the coder use conditioning on a small number of contexts. The long-term prediction is based on an algorithm for R-R interval estimation. Several QRS detection algorithms are investigated to select a low complexity and reliable detection algorithm. The coding of prediction residuals uses primarily the Golomb-Rice (GR) codes, but, to improve the coding results, escape codes GR-ESC are used in some contexts for a limited number of samples. Experimental results indicate the good overall performance of the lossless ECG compression algorithms (reducing the storage needs from 12 to about 3-4 bits per sample). The scheme consistently outperforms other waveform or general purpose coding algorithms.

DOI: 10.1016/S0169-2607(01)00126-2

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@article{Giurcaneanu2002UsingCA, title={Using contexts and R-R interval estimation in lossless ECG compression}, author={Ciprian Doru Giurcaneanu and Ioan Tabus and Serban Mereula}, journal={Computer methods and programs in biomedicine}, year={2002}, volume={67 3}, pages={177-86} }