Using coherent X-ray ptychography to probe medium-range order.


Characterization of microscopic structural order and in particular medium range order (MRO) in amorphous materials is challenging. A new technique is demonstrated that allows analysis of MRO using X-rays. Diffraction data were collected from a sample consisting of densely packed polystyrene-latex micro-spheres. Ptychography is used to reconstruct the sample transmission function and fluctuation microscopy applied to characterize structural order producing a detailed `fluctuation map' allowing analysis of the sample at two distinct length scales. Independent verification is provided via X-ray diffractometry. Simulations of dense random packing of spheres have also been used to explore the origin of the structural order measured.

DOI: 10.1364/OE.21.028019

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@article{Torrance2013UsingCX, title={Using coherent X-ray ptychography to probe medium-range order.}, author={Aaron Torrance and Brian Abbey and Corey T. Putkunz and Daniele Pelliccia and Eugeniu Balaur and G Jackson Williams and David J. Vine and Andrei Y Nikulin and Ian McNulty and Harry M. Quiney and Keith A Nugent}, journal={Optics express}, year={2013}, volume={21 23}, pages={28019-28} }