Using a stool for stabilization of a dental chair when CPR is required.


Dental treatment is often stressful for patients, and sometimes eteriorates basic illness and/or may cause accidental systemic ymptoms leading to cardiopulmonary arrest. Considering the difculty of moving patients to the floor and the time required to his transfer, wemightwish to start cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR) immediately in the dental chair. We reported that external cardiac compression (ECC) is feasible n the dental chair effectively if the dental chair were fixed firmly n the floor.1 All dental chairs, however, are not always stable for CC, and dentists may be afraid that the dental chair is not solid nough to support the patient for ECC because there is no steady upport between the backboard of the dental chair and the floor. e, therefore, devised a method possibly to stabilize the dental hair and increase the efficacy of ECC in the dental chair.

DOI: 10.1016/j.resuscitation.2010.01.001

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@article{Fujino2010UsingAS, title={Using a stool for stabilization of a dental chair when CPR is required.}, author={Hiroko Fujino and Takeshi Yokoyama and Kazu-ichi Yoshida and Kunio Suwa}, journal={Resuscitation}, year={2010}, volume={81 4}, pages={502} }