Using a paging system in the rehabilitation of encephalitic patients.

  title={Using a paging system in the rehabilitation of encephalitic patients.},
  author={Hazel Emslie and Barbara A. Wilson and Kirsten Quirk and Jonathan J. Evans and Peter Watson},
  journal={Neuropsychological rehabilitation},
  volume={17 4-5},
Memory and executive problems following encephalitis are common yet there are few published papers on the successful rehabilitation of such patients. We recently demonstrated (Wilson, Emslie, Quirk, & Evans, 2001; Wilson, Emslie, Quirk, Evans, & Watson, 2005) that a paging system could reduce the everyday memory and planning problems for people with non-progressive brain injury. Among the 143 patients who participated in the 2001 study were four people who had survived encephalitis. Their… CONTINUE READING

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