Using RNA sample titrations to assess microarray platform performance and normalization techniques

  title={Using RNA sample titrations to assess microarray platform performance and normalization techniques},
  author={Richard Shippy and Stephanie Fulmer-Smentek and Roderick V. Jensen and Wendell D. Jones and Paul K. Wolber and Charles D. Johnson and P. Scott Pine and Cecilie Boysen and Xu Guo and Eugene Chudin and Yongming A. Sun and James C. Willey and Jean Thierry-Mieg and Danielle Thierry-Mieg and Robert A Setterquist and Mike Wilson and Anne Bergstrom Lucas and Natalia Novoradovskaya and Adam Papallo and Yaron Turpaz and Shawn C Baker and J. Anthony Warrington and Leming Shi and Damir Herman},
  journal={Nature Biotechnology},
We have assessed the utility of RNA titration samples for evaluating microarray platform performance and the impact of different normalization methods on the results obtained. As part of the MicroArray Quality Control project, we investigated the performance of five commercial microarray platforms using two independent RNA samples and two titration mixtures of these samples. Focusing on 12,091 genes common across all platforms, we determined the ability of each platform to detect the correct… CONTINUE READING

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