Using Nested Tables and Mutation in Genetic Algorithms (NTMGA) to Solve Timetabling Problem in Object-Relational Model

  title={Using Nested Tables and Mutation in Genetic Algorithms (NTMGA) to Solve Timetabling Problem in Object-Relational Model},
  author={Ahmed Sultan Al-Hegami and Wadee Al-qubati and Ammar T. Zahary},
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In this paper, the nested tables feature in relational- object database is applied along with the feature of Mutation in Genetic Algorithms (GA) to solve the problem of timetabling, especially coursework timetables. The advantage of using nested tables is utilized to cancel a lot of conflicts and improve the operations of the Mutation in GA for the ideal solutions of multi-fewest number of generations and a short time has been concluded infer. Our approach conducted by this paper which is… Expand
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