Using Music as a Therapy Tool to Motivate Troubled Adolescents

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Abstract Children and adolescents with emotional disorders may often be characterized by having problems in peer and adult relations and in display of inappropriate behaviours. These include suicide attempts, anger, withdrawal from family, social isolation from peers, aggression, school failure, running away, and alcohol and/or drug abuse. A lack of self-concept and self-esteem is often central to these difficulties. Traditional treatment methods with young people usually includes cognitive… 
Music therapy with children who have been exposed to ongoing child abuse and poverty: A pilot study
While the descriptive statistics for the mean scores of the pooled results were considerably reduced after music therapy, indicating overall improvements in both internalizing and externalizing behavioural problems, there was a conspicuous variability in individual scores that contradicted the group results.
Comparative Study of Hindustani and Carnatic Music on Psychological and Physiological Processes of Aggressive Adolescents
Child aggression in school has become a major concern since self-reported aggressive and violent behavior continues to rise among children and adolescents. One of the major reasons of such aggressive
The Throwaway: An Experiential Technique to Reduce Tension and Resistance
After regular utilization of this technique, not only did students begin asking for help where they had previously refused it they also demonstrated increased self-monitoring, reduced verbal and physical conflicts, and a more consistent ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.
The Effect of Music Therapy on Reducing Aggression and Blind High School Students’ Aggressive Behavior in the City of Khorramabad
This study aimed to investigate the effect of music therapy on reducing aggression and blind high school students’ aggressive behavior in the city of Khorramabad. Participants in this study included
Exploring the processes of change facilitated by musical activities on mental wellness
ABSTRACT While the benefits of music to people’s mental health have long been recognized, the process of how it works requires further investigation. This paper is based on the results of a
Review of arts-based therapies for Canadian youth with lived experience of mental illness
While arts-based therapies receive support from many areas, including people with lived experience of mental health problems and illness, it is argued that the development of a theoretical foundation and extensive empirical research are required to develop the potential that arts- based therapies have to offer.
Music Therapists’ Perspectives on how Self-Awareness Impacts their Work with Adolescents
A significant body of research indicates that self-awareness is recognized as a vital aspect in a therapist’s career. In a music therapy setting, self-awareness is also identified as a crucial aspect
Improving the therapeutic alliance with adolescents using music
While the importance of the therapeutic alliance in therapy is well established, and the impact that music has upon people has been demonstrated in the literature, there have not been any studies


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