Using Iolis Authoring Techniques In A Web Environment


Recently, there has been an increasing focus on the acquisition of research skills by law undergraduates. One reason for this interest is a belief that many such students do not acquire an adequate level of research skills by the time that they graduate. Reflecting this concern, both the Law Society/Bar Council's Joint Statement on Qualifying Law Degrees and the Quality Assurance Agency's Benchmark Standards for Law both place great emphasis on the need to improve research skills teaching at University level. In the light of these developments, Durham University's Centre for Law & Computing decided to develop an Iolis style courseware package on legal research skills. Rather than use traditional law courseware authoring tools, however, the Centre chose to experiment by attempting from the outset to develop the package as a prototype website comprising text integrated with interactions. If successful, such an approach could have the benefits of making a workbook that is: (i) accessible across the Internet or a campus intranet; (ii) customisable to the needs of individual law schools; (iii) flexible enough to reflect more of the author's own approach and style; and (iv) interconnectable more readily with other campus websites and with the world wide web at large.

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