Using Internet based paraphrasing tools: Original work, patchwriting or facilitated plagiarism?

  title={Using Internet based paraphrasing tools: Original work, patchwriting or facilitated plagiarism?},
  author={Ann M Rogerson and Grace McCarthy},
  journal={International Journal for Educational Integrity},
A casual comment by a student alerted the authors to the existence and prevalence of Internet-based paraphrasing tools. [] Key Result The implications for student skills in paraphrasing, academic integrity and the clues to assist staff in identifying the use of online paraphrasing tools are discussed.

Utilizing Online Paraphrasing Tools to Overcome Students’ Paraphrasing Difficulties in Literature Reviews

One of the prevalence of digital technology in academic writing, particularly in literature reviews, is the use of paraphrasing tools. However, there is a lack of research focusing on overcoming

Paraphrasing tools, language translation tools and plagiarism: an exploratory study

It is believed that textual indicators such as the absence of standard discipline-based terminology may be of assistance in the identification of machine paraphrased text.


This study was conducted to find out the students awareness of plagiarism while they’re paraphrasing the English text. Researchers took 30 samples from private universities namely Universitas

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How teachers of academic writing could help students make more efficient and judicious use of commonly available tools is discussed, and further uses of screen capture in teaching and researching academic writing are suggested.

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A unique case study wherein real plagiarism revealed in a scientific journal is compared with the original article and it was confirmed that the plagiarized text was created using a paraphrasing tool.


This qualitative study was conducted to investigate university students’ abilities to paraphrase English texts and to investigate the strategies used by students to help them to paraphrase. The

What are Automated Paraphrasing Tools and how do we address them? A review of a growing threat to academic integrity

This article reviews the literature surrounding the growing use of Automated Paraphrasing Tools (APTs) as a threat to educational integrity. In academia there is a technological arms-race occurring

The Complexity of Textual Borrowing in Learning English As a Foreign Language

Exploring the notion of ownership of text and learning was potential to understand the question of textual borrowing. However, this relationship remained under-explored. This study would address two

1 An Insight into The Intricacies of Lingual Paraphrasing Pragmatic Discourse on The Purpose of

Info ABSTRACT Article history: The term "paraphrasing" refers to the process of presenting the sense of an input text in a new way while preserving fluency. Scientific research distribution is

Are Canadian professors teaching the skills and knowledge students need to prevent plagiarism?

Max 150 words. If possible, please submit your abstract in both English and French.When writing an assignment, most students start by searching for information online, which they integrate in their



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Academic plagiarism and inappropriate source borrowing have drawn much attention in higher education in recent years. Research has shown that reasons behind students’ textual transgression include

Rewriting and Paraphrasing Source Texts in Second Language Writing.

How Do University Students Attempt to Avoid Plagiarism? A Grammatical Analysis of Undergraduate Paraphrasing Strategies

It is suggested that continued investigation of student paraphrasing may help to refine the understanding of the linguistic strategies associated with effective textual borrowing.

Developing a corpus-based paraphrase tool to improve EFL learners' writing skills

The results indicated that PREFER offered the most benefits to students' writing performance (with an after-use improvement of 38.2%), compared with an online dictionary and an online thesaurus (−31.6% and −6.2%, respectively).

Plagiarisms, Authorships, and the Academic Death Penalty

n composition studies, most published discussions of student plagiarism proceed from the assumption that plagiarism occurs as a result of one of two possible motivations: an absence of ethics or an

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Essay mills are commercial enterprises delivering assessable work on a fee-for-service basis. File-swapping sites encourage students to upload graded work and institutional materials to exchange for