Using GSSs to Support Error Detection in Software Specifications


Fagan inspections can be used to find errors in documents used during systems development. In the practice of Fagan inspections it has been found that Group Support Systems (GSSs) can significantly enhance error detection [1]. This paper describes our findings on the use of a GSS by Fagan inspection teams in an experimental set-up. In this study, 24 students and 24 managers participated; they looked for defects in a standardized four-page document. In the preparation phase the participants, searching individually without GSS support, found within one hour between 12 and 40 defects. Prior to the second (or ‘logging’) phase of the inspection we formed 16 groups, each consisting of three students or three managers. Eight groups were selected to work with GSS support, and eight groups without GSS but with a facilitator. We found that only 3 to 9 new defects were found in the second phase. The performance of the GSS groups did not differ significantly from the non-GSS groups, but the GSS participants evaluated their sessions significantly lower than the non-GSS participants.

DOI: 10.1109/HICSS.1998.653142

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