Using Data-driven and Phonetic Units for Speaker Verification

  title={Using Data-driven and Phonetic Units for Speaker Verification},
  author={Asmaa El Hannani and Doroteo Torre Toledano and Dijana Petrovska-Delacr{\'e}taz and Alberto Montero-Asenjo and Jean Hennebert},
  journal={2006 IEEE Odyssey - The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop},
Recognition of speaker identity based on modeling the streams produced by phonetic decoders (phonetic speaker recognition) has gained popularity during the past few years. Two of the major problems that arise when phone based systems are being developed are the possible mismatches between the development and evaluation data and the lack of transcribed databases. Data-driven segmentation techniques provide a potential solution to these problems because they do not use transcribed data and can… CONTINUE READING