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Using Cultural Heritage as a Tool in Post-war Recovery:Assessing the Impact of Heritage on Recovery in Post-war Dubrovnik, Croatia

  title={Using Cultural Heritage as a Tool in Post-war Recovery:Assessing the Impact of Heritage on Recovery in Post-war Dubrovnik, Croatia},
  author={Katherine Bishop},
Cultural heritage is a significant aspect of both conflict and the recovery from conflict, but its role in shaping and influencing the post-conflict landscape has not been fully explored conceptually, nor has its role been fully implemented into recovery processes by practitioners. This thesis explores the disjuncture that exists between heritage theorists’ conceptualisation of cultural heritage as a cultural process, and practitioners’ tendency to privilege material reconstruction. By bridging… 

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A Study of How Heritage Characteristics Can Be Incorporated into The Internal Design of Saudi Hotels

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Images of the World Trade Center site flooded the media in the aftermath of September 11, and have continued to do so in New York City. The World Monuments Watch moved quickly to feature Ground Zero