Using CFD To Understand Chaotic Mixing in Laminar Stirred Tanks

  title={Using CFD To Understand Chaotic Mixing in Laminar Stirred Tanks},
  author={Jeffrey M. Zalc and Edit S Szalai and Mario Moises Alvarez and Fernando J. Muzzio},
High-accuracy CFD results for laminar flow in a stirred tank agitated by three Rushton turbines are used as a starting point for an in-depth analysis of mixing. Asymptotic mixing performance is in®estigated as a function of the Reynolds number by means of Poincare sections, which re®eal large segregated regions with sizes and shapes that ®ary ́ greatly o®er a relati®ely small range of Reynolds numbers. The spatial distribution of mixing intensities is also examined by computing the stretching… CONTINUE READING

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