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Using Agile Alongside the PMBOK

  title={Using Agile Alongside the PMBOK},
  author={Mike Griffiths},
As the use of both agile and traditional methods continues to grow, the need for guidelines on how the two approaches may be used together will increase. This paper identifies the growth of both agile and formal approaches to project management then examines the origins and key elements of the two methods. The characteristics of software projects that lead to challenges in applying traditional project management approaches are examined and agile alternatives introduced. Finally, recommendations… 

Project management in practice: Views from the Trenches

The results indicate that traditional project management phases and techniques are adapted to fit with agile, and the potential exists for a pure agile project management framework to surface one that can be applied to better suit the needs of the management of agile projects.

Agile Project Management —Agilism versus Traditional Approaches

Agile Project Management has proven to be a useful tool for today's knowledge worker and the project managers in the new economy which is characterized by more complex and uncertain project situations.

An Examination and Evaluation of Agile Methodologies for Systems Development

The history of agile methodology is discussed, in a general context, with listing of the agile manifesto and the agile principles, and four of the existing agile methodologies are explained with more focuses on the famous and mostly known agile process: the Extreme Programming (XP).

Methodological Framework for Virtual Team Project Management

Virtual teams greatly depend on various information and communication technologies that support different aspects of teams’ operation. Therefore, managing projects involving virtual teams requires

Hybrid Agile Approach: Efficiently Blending Traditional and Agile Methodologies

This paper presents a meta-analysis of the literature and methodology behind the development of the hybrid Agile approach to solve the challenge of integrating knowledge-based and data-driven decision-making in the rapidly changing environment.

A framework for transferring software project management approaches into the Thai telecommunications industry

Heute gehort die Telekommunikation noch immer zu den sich am schnellsten entwickelnden und am hartesten umkampften Markten sowie zu einer der weltweit am schnellsten wachsenden Technologiegebiete.


Research by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) continuously indicate that new venture creation success rate in South Africa is disturbingly low. This situation arises despite numerous support

Requirements for a Software Process Maintenance Framework for Executive Information Systems in the Telecommunications Industry

This paper presents the interview findings of the current situation in software development for Executive Information Systems (EIS) in the Thai telecommunications industry and identifies critical



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