Uses and Gratifications Research

  title={Uses and Gratifications Research},
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Benefits and harms of social media use: A latent profile analysis of emerging adults
The rise in social media use among emerging adults in the United States has been well-documented, but researchers are still working on identifying how the type—not just the frequency—of use impacts
Radio on demand: New habits of consuming radio content
  • T. Laor
  • Business
    Global Media and Communication
  • 2022
This research is an investigation into changes in the radio listening habits of consumers who use on-demand radio. Findings indicate high daily listening rates to online on-demand radiophonic content
Motives And User Satisfaction Level Of IGTV @Temanbumil During The Pandemic
Health messages can now be found in various media, including social media. This study aimed to find out the reasons and the level of satisfaction achieved by media users (followers) pregnant women
Meta-Analysis of Factors Influencing Student Acceptance of Massive Open Online Courses for Open Distance Learning
This study aimed to apply the meta-analysis methodology to systematically synthesize results of primary studies to discover the main significant factors influencing student acceptance of massive open
OTT Media Streaming in COVID-19 Lockdown: The Indian Experience
Covid-19 has immensely impacted every walks of life worldwide, including in India. Various dimensions like the socio-economic, employment, consumers’ media consumption habits, and the like have been
Individual and shared digital repertoires – older adults managing digital services
The rise of public and other non-recreational digital services is based on the idea of catering to the daily needs of the citizens cost-efficiently and with ease. Previous research has approached t...
Distinguishing feast-watching from cringe-watching: Planned, social, and attentive binge-watching predicts increased well-being and decreased regret
This study seeks to add nuance to the definition of binge-watching by identifying the subtypes of the general practice that reflect viewer rituals, motives, and outcomes. The two subtypes are (1) the
Research on the Employees’ Continuous Knowledge Contribution Behavior in ESM from the Perspective of Uses and Gratifications based on python
[Purpose/Significance] As an emerging knowledge management platform, enterprise social media provides an important way for employees to exchange knowledge, communicate and collaborate within the
The associations between gender role stress, media usage, and metacognition in emerging adults
Using nanofiltration membranes for the recovery of phosphorous with a second type of technology for the Recovery of nitrogen is suggest to be a viable process.


“It’s Catchy, but It Gets You F*cking Nowhere”: What Viewers of Current Affairs Experience as Captivating Political Information
This paper explores how political information can be told in such a way that news users experience it as captivating. More specifically, it seeks to move beyond Irene Costera Meijer’s “double viewing
The Role of Theory in Uses and Gratifications Studies
Although the uses and gratifications approach lacks a single general theory, it is not inherently atheoretical, and the author suggests how progress can be made in dealing with four conceptual issues
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