User-web interactions: how wholistic/analytic web users search the web?


User-Web interactions have emerged as an important research in the field of information science. In this study, we examine extensively the Web searching performed by general users. Our goal is to investigate the effects of users' cognitive styles on their Web search behavior in relation to two broad components: Information Searching and Information Processing Approaches. We use questionnaires, a measure of cognitive style, Web session logs and think-aloud as the data collection instruments. Our study findings show wholistic Web users tend to adopt a top-down approach to Web searching, where the users searched for a generic topic, and then reformulate their queries to search for specific information. They tend to prefer reading to process information. Analytic users tend to prefer a bottom-up approach to information searching and they process information by scanning search result pages.

DOI: 10.1145/1952222.1952297

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