User Directed Multi-view-stereo


Depth reconstruction from video footage and image collections is a fundamental part of many modelling and image-based rendering applications. However real-world scenes often contain limited texture information, repeated elements and other ambiguities which remain challenging for fully automatic algorithms. This paper presents a technique that combines intuitive user constraints with dense multi-view stereo reconstruction. By providing annotations in the form of simple paint strokes, a user can guide a multi-view stereo algorithm and avoid common failure cases. We show how smoothness, discontinuity and depth ordering constraints can be incorporated directly into a variational optimization framework for multi-view stereo. Our method avoids the need for heuristic approaches that edit a depth-map in a sequential process, and avoids requiring the user to accurately segment object boundaries or to directly model geometry. We show how with a small amount of intuitive input, a user may create improved depth maps in challenging cases for multi-view-stereo.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-16631-5_23
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