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User Defined Spreadsheet Functions in Excel

  title={User Defined Spreadsheet Functions in Excel},
  author={Jerzy Tyszkiewicz and Dermot Balson},
Creating user defined functions (UDFs) is a powerful method to improve the quality of computer applications, in particular spreadsheets. However, the only direct way to use UDFs in spreadsheets is to switch from the functional and declarative style of spreadsheet formulas to the imperative VBA, which creates a high entry barrier even for proficient spreadsheet users. It has been proposed to extend Excel by UDFs declared by a spreadsheet: user defined spreadsheet functions (UDSFs). In this paper… 

Spreadsheets for stream processing with unbounded windows and partitions

A programming model based on enhancements to spreadsheets that enables users with limited programming experience to participate directly in the development of complex streaming applications and finds that the implementation is between 8x slower and 2x faster than hand-written stream programs.

BiEntropy - The Approximate Entropy of a Finite Binary String

A simple algorithm which computes the approximate entropy of a finite binary string of arbitrary length and successfully test the algorithm in the fields of Prime Number Theory, Human Vision, Cryptography, Random Number Generation and Quantitative Finance.



A user-centred approach to functions in Excel

We describe extensions to the Excel spreadsheet that integrate user-defined functions into the spreadsheet grid, rather than treating them as a "bolt-on". Our first objective was to bring the

Spreadsheet Components For All

A "spreadsheet component repository" Web site, from which users can copy "components" into their own Excel or Google spreadsheets, where instead of subroutines, the library contains such components.

Spreadsheet as a relational database engine

This paper demonstrates that a spreadsheet can play the role of a relational database engine, without any use of macros or built-in programming languages, merely by utilizing spreadsheet formulas.

What we know about spreadsheet errors

Although spreadsheet programs are used for small "scratchpad" applications, they are also used to develop many large applications, and error rates are in line with those in programming and other human cognitive domains.

Excelsior: Bringing the Benefits of Modularisation to Excel

Excelsior is presented, a system for bringing modular design features to Excel that would save time, avoid unneeded programming, make mistakes less likely, make code-control easier, help organisations adopt a uniform house style, and open business opportunities in buying and selling spreadsheet modules.

The Lookup Technique to Replace Nested-IF Formulas in Spreadsheet Programming

The "lookup technique" is investigated as an alternative to nested-IF formulas, its benefits for testing and auditing, and its limitations are described.

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