User/consumer involvement in mental health service delivery

  title={User/consumer involvement in mental health service delivery},
  author={J. Edward Chamberlin},
  journal={Epidemiologia e Psichiatria Sociale},
  pages={10 - 14}
  • J. Chamberlin
  • Published 1 March 2005
  • Business, Medicine
  • Epidemiologia e Psichiatria Sociale
Summary The involvement of mental health service users in service delivery is a new and growing phenomenon. Such involvement is complex, given the history of paternalism in the mental health system, the power differential between service providers and service users, and the very differing views each group holds on multiple issues. Unless such differences are addressed, there can be no meaningful involvement. Service user involvement needs to apply to all aspects of the service delivery system… 
Growing recognition of the importance of service user involvement in mental health service planning and evaluation
The aim of this paper is to attempt to place developments in a conceptual context, to summarise the ethics-based and evidence-based reasons why it has to be considered as necessary, and to illustrate some of the emerging evidence which shows the advantages to be gained from it.
Service user involvement: impact and participation: a survey of service user and staff perspectives
The findings show that, within the three mental health trusts examined in this study, service user involvement has become widespread and is perceived by both staff and service users to be a good policy.
User involvement in in-patient mental health services: operationalisation, empirical testing, and validation.
Empirical testing of the instrument demonstrates that the measurement of mental health professionals' perception of service user involvement has a reasonable level of construct validity and reliability.
Service user and care giver involvement in mental health system strengthening in Nepal: a qualitative study on barriers and facilitating factors
Increased focus on reducing public as well as self-stigma, improved policy frameworks and initiatives, and decentralization of care are some strategies that may facilitate service user and caregiver involvement.
Provider and consumer perspectives of community mental health services: Implications for consumer-driven care.
Examining the services at community mental health service clinics (CMHCs) from the perspectives of providers and consumers finds a welcoming milieu and providing social support appear important to both, but significant differences exist between these groups regarding other aspects of services.
Users’ involvement in mental health services: programme logic model of an innovative initiative in integrated care
The CCIU, with its eight essential components, including relations based on equality and mutual respect, corresponds to an essential step in normative integration and integrated care that lead to improved quality services.
Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Community-Based Participatory Research to Enhance Mental Health Services
This paper presents the first-person accounts of four stakeholder groups who were part of a consumer-involved CBPR project purposed to improve the services of a local community mental health center in the hope that by illustrating the unique outcomes associated with CBPR, there will be invigorated interest in CBPR as a vehicle for consumer involvement in adult mental health services research and enhancement.
Service user and caregiver involvement in mental health system strengthening in low- and middle-income countries: a cross-country qualitative study
This study suggests that capacity building for service users, and strengthening of user groups would equip them to contribute meaningfully to policy development from informed perspectives, as is suggested in participatory research with service users and caregivers.
A qualitative study to investigate service user experience of participating in research
Notions of Professionalism were prominent in the participants’ narratives, both as perceived requirement and personal development opportunity, which contrasts with existing literature in the field of service user and care involvement on professionalism.
Children's and Young People's Involvement and Participation in Mental Health Care.
  • C. Day
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Child and adolescent mental health
  • 2008
The background and objectives of children and young people's participation in two key policy areas: their own mental health care, and the planning and delivery of child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) are looked at.


A Mad people's history of madness
A man desperately tries to keep his pact with the Devil, a woman is imprisoned in an insane asylum by her husband because of religious differences, and, on the testimony of a mere stranger, a London
On Our Own: Patient-Controlled
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