Useful ‘junk’: Alu RNAs in the human transcriptome

  title={Useful ‘junk’: Alu RNAs in the human transcriptome},
  author={Julien H{\"a}sler and Tore Samuelsson and Katharina Strub},
  journal={Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences},
Alu elements are the most abundant repetitive elements in the human genome; they have amplified by retrotransposition to reach the present number of more than one million copies. Alu elements can be transcribed in two different ways, by two independent polymerases. ‘Free Alu RNAs’ are transcribed by Pol III from their own promoter, while ‘embedded Alu RNAs’ are transcribed by Pol II as part of protein- and non-protein-coding RNAs. Recent studies have demonstrated that both free and embedded Alu… CONTINUE READING


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