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Use of tissue expansion in head and neck reconstruction.

  title={Use of tissue expansion in head and neck reconstruction.},
  author={McIvor Np and Fong Mw and Berg Kj and Freeman Jl},
  journal={Journal of Otolaryngology},
La reconstruction esthetique au niveau du visage necessite l'utilisation de peau ayant les caracteristiques similaires a celle du site receveur. La peau locale et regionale demeure la plus utile, mais la quantite peut devenir insuffisante, tant pour la reconstruction que pour la fermeture primaire du site donneur. Les auteurs decrivent 3 cas qui illustrent l'utilisation de l'expansion tissulaire de la peau locale et regionale, permettant des reconstructions satisfaisantes et une fermeture du… Expand
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Tissue expansion is used, still only rarely used in the oral and maxillofacila region, to treat cheek scar atrophy, fistula, and microsomia. Expand
Reconstruction of complex scalp defects: the "Banana Peel" revisited.
It is concluded that the multiple-flap reconstruction method as described by Orticochea may be useful in a small subset of patients, including older, severely debilitated patients who would be optimally treated with microvascular tissue transfer but cannot tolerate lengthy general anesthesia and young patients who will not accept a significant area of alopecia that might exist with other techniques, such as secondary intention, skin grafts, or free flaps. Expand
Free Flap Reconstruction of the Scalp and Calvaria of Major Neurosurgical Resections in Cancer Patients: Lessons Learned Closing Large, Difficult Wounds of the Dura and Skull
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