Use of the smartphone for end vertebra selection in scoliosis.


OBJECTIVES The aim of our study was to develop a smartphone-aided end vertebra selection method and to investigate its effectiveness in Cobb angle measurement. METHODS Twenty-nine adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patients' pre-operative posteroanterior scoliosis radiographs were used for end vertebra selection and Cobb angle measurement by standard method… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.aott.2016.12.006


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@article{Pepe2017UseOT, title={Use of the smartphone for end vertebra selection in scoliosis.}, author={Murad Pepe and Onur Kocadal and Abdullah Iyigun and Zafer Gunes and Ertuğrul Akşahin and Cem Nuri Aktekin}, journal={Acta orthopaedica et traumatologica turcica}, year={2017}, volume={51 2}, pages={146-149} }