[Use of the mucoregulator ascoril for respiratory diseases].


The paper deals with the use of the combined mucoregulatory drug ascoril in pulmonological care. Due to its multicomponent composition, the drug has mucoregulatory properties that combine a bronchodilator effect and an ability to dilute sputum and to synthesize the surfactant. The mechanism of action of each ascoril component is analyzed; the results of basic experimental and clinical studies on the use of the drug are given. A wide range of indications, such as respiratory system diseases, for ascoril use is demonstrated.

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@article{Shmeleva2012UseOT, title={[Use of the mucoregulator ascoril for respiratory diseases].}, author={N. M. Shmeleva}, journal={Terapevticheskiĭ arkhiv}, year={2012}, volume={84 10}, pages={86-90} }