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Use of the metal detector to determine the prevalence of metallic foreign bodies in dairy cows in Araçatuba region, Brazil.

  title={Use of the metal detector to determine the prevalence of metallic foreign bodies in dairy cows in Araçatuba region, Brazil.},
  author={Luiz Cl{\'a}udio Nogueira Mendes and Francisco Leydson Formiga Feitosa and Fahime Nedaie Haddad and Leo Takada and Silvia Helena Venturolli Perri and Juliana R Peir{\'o}},
Com os objetivos de determinar a prevalencia de corpos estranhos metalicos nos animais de rebanhos da regiao de Aracatuba-Brasil, verificar a presenca de animais com reticuloperitonite traumatica nestes rebanhos e correlacionar a presenca de sinais clinicos de reticuloperitonite traumatica a positividade quando da avaliacao pelo detector de metais, foram pesquisados 138 animais adultos, sendo 48 animais na propriedade 1, sendo 24 animais positivos a passagem do detector de metais, 32 animais na… 
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Neste estudo, descreve-se um caso de reticulo pericardite traumatica, em um bovino femea que apresentou sinais caracteristicos da enfermidade, como: emagrecimento, reducao da producao, cansaco, atonia ruminal, ingurgitamento da jugular, a qual devido a grande debilidade, veio a obito.

Retention time of magnets in reticulo-rumen of cattle and buffaloes for prophylaxis of foreign body syndrome

All the 30 animals retained the magnet during the study period of one year indicating that a readministration is not required up to a period of 1 year.

Metal detector as alternative tool for Traumatic Reticuloperitonitis diagnosis in cattle along seasons

Two studies showed the significant higher frequency of metal bodies in summer than in winter, and the use of detector associated with ultrasonographic examination aided to notice the effects of these materials on animal organism.

Advance techniques in traumatic reticuloperitonitis diagnosis: review

Traumatic reticuloperitonitis (TRP) is a sporadic disease of ruminants that is caused by perforation of the reticulum by ingested foreign materials; it is a common reason for abdominal surgery in



New types of foreign bodies and the effect of magnets in traumatic reticulitis in cows

As a consequence of the increasing incidence of traumatic reticulitis, and the occurrence of new types of traumatising foreign body in Denmark and the UK, there is a need to assess whether currently available magnets still have the expected preventive effects on hardware disease in cattle.

Surgical removal of ventricular foreign bodies from an adult ostrich (Struthio camelus)

Another female llama from this herd which had been sold in the autumn of 1998 to another premises only five miles away, also died on the same day as the one submitted to the Langford Regional Laboratory, confirming that llamas are susceptible to bovine TB.

Electrophoretic studies on serum proteins in cows with traumatic pericarditis.

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Electrophoretic findings were subacute inflammatory pattern with non-selective serum protein losing in fibrinous or sero-fibrinous, and chronic inflammatory pattern in purulent pericarditis.

Decision analysis in the evaluation of diagnostic tests.

Decision analysis was used to evaluate the clinical usefulness of 2 diagnostic tests: one for canine heartworm disease and the other for bovine traumatic reticulo-peritonitis. Several clinically

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