Use of the Q-switched alexandrite laser (755 nm, 100 nsec) for eyebrow tattoo removal.


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Permanent tattooing for cosmetic reasons has increased in recent years; as a consequence, there has been an increase of requests for pigment removal due to complications or undesired results. The Q-switched alexandrite laser has been found useful in removing black exogenous pigment, which is the most popular color in eyebrow enhancement. We report the case of a patient with black-pigment eyebrow cosmetic tattoo after treatment with the Q-switched alexandrite laser. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS Treatment conditions included 755-nm wavelength, 100 +/- 10-nsec pulse width, and 3-mm spot size. Fluence threshold was determined, and a spot test was made at the first visit. Single impact technique with 10% overlapping was applied to the whole tattoo. Five treatments were performed with a mean fluence of 7 J/cm(2). RESULTS Complete pigment removal was achieved after five sessions. Superficial bleeding and vesicle formation was observed. CONCLUSIONS Eyebrow tattooing can be treated efficiently with the use of the Q-switched alexandrite laser when black pigment has been used for cosmetic reasons.

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