Use of the Greenfield filter in patients with major trauma.

  title={Use of the Greenfield filter in patients with major trauma.},
  author={David C Rosenthal and James F. McKinsey and A. M. Levy and P A Lamis and Max D. Clark},
  journal={Cardiovascular surgery},
  volume={2 1},
Patients with major trauma often cannot be given the benefit of preventive measures such as pneumatic compression boots and low-dose heparin against pulmonary embolism. The Greenfield filter is accepted as a safe and effective method of prophylaxis of this complication. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of placement of the Greenfield filter in 161 patients with major trauma. Between January 1984 and July 1988, 94 patients with an injury severity score (ISS) of > 16 were treated… CONTINUE READING
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