Use of stomatal index as a marker to screen backcross populations of two wild potato species segregating for freezing tolerance

  title={Use of stomatal index as a marker to screen backcross populations of two wild potato species segregating for freezing tolerance},
  author={Matthew D. Kleinhenz and John Bamberg and Jiwan Palta},
  journal={American Potato Journal},
The purpose of this study was to investigate differences in stomatal index among backcross progeny ofSolanum commersonii (freezing tolerant) andSolanum cardiophyllum (freezing sensitive) to assess the feasibility of using this trait as a marker for screeningSolanum populations for freezing tolerance. Measurements were taken on three terminal fully-expanded leaflets per genotype by completing microscopic examination of epidermal impressions made in partially dissolved cellophane tape. Freezing… Expand

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