Use of silk in ancient Egypt

  title={Use of silk in ancient Egypt},
  author={Gert Lubec and Johanna Holaubek and C. Feldl and Barbara Lubec and Ev{\vz}en Strouhal},
Silk and Cotton Textiles, the Principal Maritime Trade Commodities of Ancient India
of cotton and silk textile production in India through the ages and its role in maritime trade networks.
Building a Novel Future: Connecting Peoples and Cultures
  • A. F. Holl
  • Political Science
    Social Sciences in China
  • 2022
Abstract Current humanity is experiencing extraordinary levels of material and ideal connectivity. Change being constant and stability exceptional and provisional; one has to expect a significant
Chińczycy w Etiopii? „Seres” w „Opowieść etiopskiej o Teagenesie i Chariklei” Heliodora
In the Ethiopian adventures of Theagenes and the Chariclea by Heliodorus, Seres are mentioned twice as allies of the Ethiopian king in the battle against the Persians (9, 16–18) and participants in
Proteomics and Immunology Provide Insight into the Degradation Mechanism of Historic and Artificially Aged Silk.
Two advanced approaches, proteomics and immunology, were developed for determining the deterioration behavior of historic silk fabrics and artificially aged samples from the molecular to the holistic level and gave a more comprehensive and profound understanding of the degradation process of ancient silk.
Silk Route: The UNESCO World Heritage
The Silk Route or Silk Road refers to a network of ancient trade routes connecting Asia, Europe and Africa. Extending more than 6,500 kms, the Silk Route was majorly used to transport Chinese Silk to
East Africa: The Emergence of a Pre-Swahili Culture on the Azanian Coast
As has been the case for Southeast Asia, the way in which historians regard the birth and expansion of the coastal cultures of East Africa has changed significantly in recent years. Archaeology has
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The Emergence of Intermediary Spaces
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    The Worlds of the Indian Ocean
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  • The Worlds of the Indian Ocean
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