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Use of precision attachment and cast partial denture for long-span partially edentulous mouth - A case report

  title={Use of precision attachment and cast partial denture for long-span partially edentulous mouth - A case report},
  author={Harsh N. Patel and Kavan A. Patel and Srushti Thummer and Ruchita K. Patel},
  journal={International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences},
The awareness and demand for quality of dental treatment is relatively increasing in recent generation and more so, as far as aesthetics are concerned, along with other functions of the prosthesis. In treating partially edentulous mouth, it requires more attention, principally for esthetics, in design. While achieving the goal, the components which are incorporated in removable partial denture may result in unsightly appearance. Case Description: An 58 year old patient reported to the… 

Precision attachments- An overview

A removable partial denture with a retained attachment system is one of the treatment modalities which may assist prosthodontist to achieve better functions and aesthetics in substituting missing teeth and oral structures.

An insight into various attachments used in prosthodontics: A review

The various attachments used in treating partially edentulous patients are discussed, which combines both fixed and removable prosthodontics, giving a more esthetic and functional outlook to the denture.

Rehabilitation of partially edentulous patient using Precision Attachment denture– A case report

A case report of a patient with mandibular bilateral distal extension edentulous span restored with a cast partial denture having an extracoronal castable precision attachment (RHEin 83 OT CAP attachments system).


The purpose of this article is to provide an overview and a simplified approach to this treatment modality by a clinical case report.

Cast Partial Denture Retained Using Precision Attachment - A Case Report

This article provides a simplified approach for rehabilitating the partially edentulous situations using precision attachment via case report using retained cast partial dentures.

Over denture with ceka attachment: An alternative treatment modality to rehabilitate partially edentulous condition - A case report

A multidisciplinary approach to treat a long span distal extension condition using over denture with ceka attachment to improve function and maintain health of remaining alveolar ridge and teeth is described.

Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Mandibular Defects with Fixed-removable Partial Denture Prosthesis Using Precision Attachment: A Twin Case Report

Recovering two cases with mandibular defects with an attachment-retained fixed-removable hybrid prosthesis allows favorable biomechanical stress distribution along with restoration of esthetics, phonetics, comfort, hygiene, and better postoperative care and maintenance.

Prosthetic Management of a Posterior Ridge Defect Case with Fixed Removable Type of Hybrid Prosthesis - A Case Report

Two case reports are presented of prosthodontic rehabilitation of a patient with mandibular defects using an attachment-retained fixed-removable hybrid prosthesis, which fulfils the objectives of the rehabilitation such as support, stability, and retention characteristics similar to a fixed prosthesis and aesthetics and hygiene maintenance of a removable prosthesis.

Precision Attachment Boon to Prosthodontists

The fabrication of precision attachment is presented to retain maxillary and mandibular partial dentures and improves the esthetics and retains proprioception and thus better comfort to the patient.

Rehabilitation of Patient with Acquired Maxillary Defect Using Cast Partial Obturator with Precision Extra Coronal Attachment

The management of acquired maxillary defect case with semi precision attachments enhancing the retention of the obturator prosthesis is described.

Attachment Retained Removable Partial Denture: A Case

An overview and a simplified approach to this treatment modality by a clinical case report is provided.

Attachment retained removable partial denture: A Clinical Report.

An overview and a simplified approach to this treatment modality by a clinical case report is provided.

Extracoronal resilient attachments in distal-extension removable partial dentures.

Clinical procedures are presented for a new design of a removable partial denture that improves esthetics and function through a new dental attachment that offers vertical resiliency and universal stress relief for use where a resilient prosthesis is indicated.

A review of attachments for removable partial denture design: Part 2. Treatment planning and attachment selection.

The tooth/tissue-supported removable partial denture is carefully reviewed and several treatment philosophies for attachment use in this situation are discussed.

Use of CAD/CAM technology to fabricate a removable partial denture framework.

In vitro wear of different material combinations of intracoronal precision attachments.

Cyclic loading of metal precision attachment components results in loss of retention, which can be fully compensated by reactivating internal screws in the patrices.

Classification and selection of attachments.

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Attachment-retained partial dentures.

Retentive and stabilizing properties of the exchangeable stud bond-in attachment

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