Use of nonoxynol-9 and changes in vaginal lactobacilli.

  title={Use of nonoxynol-9 and changes in vaginal lactobacilli.},
  author={Barbra Ann Richardson and Harold L. Martin and Claire E. Stevens and Sharon Louise Hillier and Anthony K Mwatha and Bhavna H Chohan and P M Nyange and Kishorchandra N. Mandaliya and Jeckoniah O. Ndinya-Achola and Joan K. Kreiss},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={178 2},
Several in vitro studies have shown nonoxynol-9 (N-9) to be toxic to lactobacilli, especially to strains that produce H2O2. Data from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover trial that investigated the safety and toxicity of 2 weeks of daily vaginal application of an N-9 gel were analyzed, to examine the effect of N-9 use on vaginal lactobacilli and bacterial vaginosis. In vivo, N-9 promoted sustained colonization by H2O2-producing lactobacilli among women already colonized… CONTINUE READING