Use of multiepitope polyproteins in serodiagnosis of active tuberculosis.

  title={Use of multiepitope polyproteins in serodiagnosis of active tuberculosis.},
  author={Raymond L. Houghton and Michael J. Lodes and Davin C. Dillon and Lisa D. Reynolds and Craig H. Day and Patricia D Mcneill and Ronald C Hendrickson and Yasir A. W. Skeiky and Diana P Sampaio and Roberto Badar{\'o} and Konstantin P. Lyashchenko and Steven G Reed},
  journal={Clinical and diagnostic laboratory immunology},
  volume={9 4},
Screening of genomic expression libraries from Mycobacterium tuberculosis with sera from tuberculosis (TB) patients or rabbit antiserum to M. tuberculosis led to the identification of novel antigens capable of detecting specific antibodies to M. tuberculosis. Three antigens, Mtb11 (also known as CFP-10), Mtb8, and Mtb48, were tested together with the previously reported 38-kDa protein, in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to detect antibodies in TB patients. These four proteins were… CONTINUE READING


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