[Use of long-acting drainage (sino-ject) in treatment of chronic maxillary sinusitis].


The authors present the results of treatment of chronic maxillary sinusitis with punctures and with permanent drainage (sino-ject). The use of permanent drainage shortened the time of treatment and increased percentage of very good results of treatment. Presented method of permanent drainage of maxillary sinus avoid many punctures of sinus. The drainage of sinus allow for each day rinsing of sinus with physiological saline and with drugs (mucolitic, antibiotic) and also for bacteriological examination of sinus secretion. As in classical puncture of maxillary sinus the permanent drainage play a diagnostic and therapeutic roles. The permanent drainage of maxillary sinus allow for inflow of oxygen into sinus and protect from anaerobic infection. The fact that puncture needle is pushed to a depth of only 1 cm greatly reduces the risk of injuring neighbouring structures. This method enables puncture of maxillary sinus with minimum trauma and hardly any pain.

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