Use of coal in the Bronze Age in China

  title={Use of coal in the Bronze Age in China},
  author={J. Dodson and X. Li and N. Sun and P. Atahan and Xinying Zhou and H. Liu and Keliang Zhao and Songmei Hu and Ze-meng Yang},
  journal={The Holocene},
  pages={525 - 530}
People in northern and western China were probably the first in the world to use coal as a source of energy in a consistent way. The ages cluster around 1900–2200 bc in modern day Inner Mongolia and Shanxi provinces. These are areas where near-surface coal is abundant today and woody vegetation was scant in the Bronze Age. Since coal is bulky to transport, it was probably not a cost-effective energy source in areas with abundant wood supply. The sites where coal was first used were probably… Expand
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