Use of a water flip-back pulse in the homonuclear NOESY experiment.

  title={Use of a water flip-back pulse in the homonuclear NOESY experiment.},
  author={Guy Lippens and Christophe Dhalluin and Jean Michel Wieruszeski},
  journal={Journal of biomolecular NMR},
  volume={5 3},
A simple modification to the WATERGATE water suppression scheme [Piotto, M., Saudek, V. and Sklenář, V. (1992) J. Biomol. NMR, 2, 661-665] is proposed. Radiation damping is used as an active element during the mixing time of a NOESY experiment, in order to obtain a reproducable state of the water magnetization at the end of the mixing time. Through the use of a water flip-back pulse and a gradient-tailored excitation scheme, we obtain both an excellent water suppression and a water… CONTINUE READING

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