Use of Poultry Byproduct for Production of Keratinolytic Enzymes

  title={Use of Poultry Byproduct for Production of Keratinolytic Enzymes},
  author={Franciani Casarin and F. Cladera-Olivera and A. Brandelli},
  journal={Food and Bioprocess Technology},
  • Franciani Casarin, F. Cladera-Olivera, A. Brandelli
  • Published 2008
  • Chemistry
  • Food and Bioprocess Technology
  • The production of keratinolytic enzymes by Chryseobacterium sp. isolated from the poultry industry was tested on different growth substrates: casein, peptone, yeast extract, gelatin, soybean meal, fish meal, feather meal, raw feathers, and cheese whey. Raw feather, an important byproduct from the poultry industry, was the selected growth substrate to test the effect of three variables (temperature, initial pH, and feather concentration) on keratinase production by response surface methodology… CONTINUE READING
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