Use of Org OD 14 for the treatment of climacteric complaints.

  title={Use of Org OD 14 for the treatment of climacteric complaints.},
  author={Domenico de Aloysio and Armando Fabiani and Maurizio Mauloni and F. Bottiglioni},
  volume={Suppl 1},
The effects of treating climacteric complaints in post-menopausal women were studied in an open trial in which Org OD 14, a placebo and no treatment were compared. In addition to the symptomatic effects, clinical and laboratory parameters were also studied. One hundred and twenty-four women who had undergone a natural or surgical menopause completed 4 mth of randomized treatment; 35 received Org OD 14 (2.5 mg/day, per os), 46 a placebo, and 43 no treatment. The mean ages and time in years since… CONTINUE READING