Use of Hardware Battery Drill in Orthopedic Surgery.

  title={Use of Hardware Battery Drill in Orthopedic Surgery.},
  author={Bhava R J Satish and Masood Shahdi and Duddupudi Ramarao and Atmakuri V Ranganadham and Sundaresan Kalamegam},
  journal={The archives of bone and joint surgery},
  volume={5 2},
Among the power drills (Electrical/Pneumatic/Battery) used in Orthopedic surgery, battery drill has got several advantages. Surgeons in low resource settings could not routinely use Orthopedic battery drills (OBD) due to the prohibitive cost of good drills or poor quality of other drills. "Hardware" or Engineering battery drill (HBD) is a viable alternative… CONTINUE READING

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